There are so many children in Haiti who are unable to go to school due to the cost. The desire to go to school is there but parents are just unable to afford it when they are struggling just to survive. It only costs $75 to send a child to school for the year. Please consider making this committment that will change a child's life!

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Our Family Sponsorship program exists to keep families together. Often times in Haiti, parents will make the ultimate sacrifice
by sending their children to orphanages because there are so many that are run by Americans, that Haitian parents know their
children stand a better chance at survival if sent to an orphanage. We want to keep families together. We want children raised
by their loving parents and not 1 of 30 in an orphanage. Through our family sponsorships, children will be sent to school, and
families will receive food for their children as well as medical care when needed. The parents, in return, will work for The Vine Haiti.
Family sponsorships are $150/month for a 4 person family and can be split between multiple donors. 

We have started our first micro-loan to help a family support themselves. Micro-loans are critical because it teaches the Haitian people to provide for their own families. It also teaches them critical business practices that will help them succeed and then help others.

The mortality age in Haiti is 60. However, many Haitian men and women outlive their children. This means that there is no one left to care for them. Some freeze to death during the rainy season, some starve to death, and some die of preventable illness. We have started to identify this precious people group and offer not only food and medicine if possible, but hut repairs as well as help them get to church. We currently sponsor 6 elderly.

We were so happy to be able to raise funds to build two clean water cisterns for our ministry area. The elderly in this area were suffering for a long time, having to walk miles to get clean water. The cisterns now provide not just clean water, but purified drinking water for this area. We would like to build a third one by 2023. The cost to build one is around $2500 and it costs $100/ month to fill the cistern 2x/month.

We began fundraising for our Mobile Medical Clinic in September of 2018. This mobile clinic will identify children in remote areas who need surgical intervention. The children will be brought to our partner hospital in Cap Haitien, where American surgeons will come and use their gifts to help these children. Our clinic will also bring medical help to the unreached elderly, widows and orphans who are too far from medical facilities to even be seen! Future plans include care and training for special needs children and their families. We are currently working with a hospital to have surgery done for a child in critical need. Thank you to all who have donated to our medical ministry!

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