OUR MISSION: To provide help, hope and a sustainable future

to the people of Haiti in the name of Jesus Christ.

Purified water cisterns


In our area of ministry, phaeton and Paulette, there is no available drinking water. We have built two purified water cisterns that we fill weekly to this large people group. We hope to build another cistern in 2023. When we fill the cistern up,  all the water is claimed within 2 hours.

micro loans

creating their own future.

We want to give people a way to provide for their families. Instead of relying on foreign donations, and also restoring dignity as the provider for their family.

orphaned elderly


Some outlive their children.

so many men and women outlive their children in Haiti. These are the orphaned elderly. With nobody to care for them they starve, freeze or become ill and have no help.  we want to seek out these people and give them the help and care they need.

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