Elisna, Age 79

Elderly Program

We have recently launched our orphaned elderly program and we are so excited! Please read about our precious elderly and see if there is a way for you to help support them!

Elisna has been a single mother since her husband passed away at the birth of her youngest daughter. She now supports her daughter and granddaughter full time. When we first found Elisna she hadn't eaten in 4 days because she was too ashamed to continue begging for food. She has been asking for a new roof for 5 years. The rain leaks into her thatched home each time it rains, and pools on her mud floors. We are so grateful for the supporters who have given so we could get a new roof for Elisna!

Fully Sponsored from Fort Wayne, Indiana

Madamm Luc - Age unknown,

Sponsors Needed: $50/Month

Mr. Jean - Age unknown,

Sponsors Needed: $50/Month

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